• "We asked our attendees to rate our safety presentations. Pat Malone's presentation was rated with an overall score of 4.55 of a possible 5.0. Congratulations, that was the highest score we have ever had..."
    - P.C., Director, Dade Behring
  • "Pat Malone is a dynamic speaker who holds your interest and interacts with audiences in a way that makes people comfortable and encourages them to ask questions. His presentation was excellent..."
    - F.H., Mayor, City of Highland Heights


Pat Malone Personal Safety is to provide dynamic, life-changing seminars and hands-on techniques that educate and empower individuals to take control of their personal safety. Pat's unmatched background, combined with his deep understanding of the psychology and motivations of both predators and victims, enable him to move his audience to comprehension and, ultimately, to take action.

If you equip yourself with the tools of prevention, you're Taking Control, and you drastically reduce your chances of being victimized. If you frequently visualize how you would handle yourself in a life-threatening situation, you will be more likely to react immediately and instinctively should the situation ever occur. Our philosophy is avoidance and awareness FIRST, and hands-on application as your last resort. Even if you train like an Olympic athlete, you still only have a 50/50 chance of surviving an attack against an armed, motivated predator. The solution is to never let the criminal get up close and personal in the first place. Life is all about choices. We often ask, "Is it worth it to go out of your way nine times needlessly, if the tenth time saves your life?" You decide.

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