• "I contacted Pat Malone after I was the victim of an on-campus assault. He took his personal time to speak with me and immediately agreed to come to my university to address the students and faculty. He gave nothing less than a phenomenal seminar. Pat's highly informative seminar involved the audience and held their attention throughout. This seminar received the highest rating from the entire campus community and was said to be the most important seminar attended by students during their years on campus."
    - S.M., Student, University of Rochester
  • "I have witnessed many speakers during the past 28 years and I would rank Pat Malone as one of the very best. As the principal, I am always nervous about all school assemblies because if the speaker isn't good, the experience can be uncomfortable. Pat spoke for an hour and our students and staff sat spellbound. I think he could have spoken for another hour and kept everyone hung on every word."
    - R.M.S., Principal, Wickliffe High School


The world has taken notice of Pat Malone and of his extraordinary knowledge and insights. Mr. Malone has been the subject of interviews by many well-known publications including Oprah Magazine, Teen, Ms. Fitness, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and by a long list of newspapers and news organizations. Most recently, Pat Malone was featured in a violence prevention short documentary that highlights how to deal with real life situations and survivors who learned how to take control.

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