• "I contacted Pat Malone after I was the victim of an on-campus assault. He took his personal time to speak with me and immediately agreed to come to my university to address the students and faculty. He gave nothing less than a phenomenal seminar. Pat's highly informative seminar involved the audience and held their attention throughout. This seminar received the highest rating from the entire campus community and was said to be the most important seminar attended by students during their years on campus."
    - S.M., Student, University of Rochester
  • "I have witnessed many speakers during the past 28 years and I would rank Pat Malone as one of the very best. As the principal, I am always nervous about all school assemblies because if the speaker isn't good, the experience can be uncomfortable. Pat spoke for an hour and our students and staff sat spellbound. I think he could have spoken for another hour and kept everyone hung on every word."
    - R.M.S., Principal, Wickliffe High School



Pat Malone's lectures are offered to corporations, universities, colleges, and communities worldwide.

Predators hope to surprise you, and will often use a weapon to elicit fear and control. To optimize your safety you have to understand the criminal's mindset, grasp the reality of a violent encounter, and know how to avoid becoming a target in the first place.

The approach that sets Pat Malone Personal Safety apart from other self-defense training programs is the Wan Jun philosophy of complete and total safety. Physical strength, martial arts training, and even a weapon are insufficient to prepare you for the threat. Only after truly embracing avoidance, is one ready to proceed to hands-on training.

Personal Safety Training

Learn how the violent criminal thinks, who he targets, why he targets someone and how to keep him away from you and your loved ones.
Specific topics include: parking lots, parking garages, ATM machines, walking, jogging, carjacking, car breakdowns, home safety and more.

Self-Defense Workshop

"Wan Jun" is a street applicable self-defense workshop that gives you basic tools needed to survive a violent encounter as a last resort.
Pat's philosophy is to know 10 techniques at a 100% level vs. 100 techniques at a 10% level. You don?t have to be an athlete, gymnast or martial artist to learn how to protect yourself. You just have to know how to react to your specific situation.

Hands-On Training

Customize your own advanced training to meed specific needs.
These programs are offered to organizations, companies, and anyone who may have a specific need or circumstance. Topics may include pain compliance techniques, close quarter combat, weapon retention, weapon take away, and specific safety and security consultation.

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