• "Pat Malone's vast knowledge and experience in the field of personal safety was evident throughout his lesson. His commanding presence held the attention of the audience as he provided riveting commentary about predators and their victims. The vivid lessons learned that evening immediately pop into my mind when I encounter a situation discussed at the seminar, such as walking to my car in a parking lot. Personally, I feel better prepared..."
    - M.E., Mayor/Safety Director, City of Mayfield Heights
  • "Pat Malone's presentation was forceful, yet professional. His ability to dialogue and interact with the audience was remarkable and is still remembered. As a result of Pat's expertise and professionalism, I have recommended him and will continue to do so..."
    - C.L., Chief of Police, Gates Mills

Get to know Pat Malone

Patrick D. Malone, a Violence Prevention and Personal Safety Expert, provides highly acclaimed instructional programs for corporations, agencies, and communities worldwide. He trains individuals to avoid being victims of violent crime through awareness, avoidance and as a last resort, hands-on application.

Recognized around the world as an authority on personal
security, Pat Malone is an International Licensed Police
Self-Defense Instructor, the only civilian to have received this prestigious level of accreditation up to that time. He has developed his own unique discipline of martial arts, Wan Jun, which translated from Korean means 'the method for complete and total safety'. This realistic approach to hand-to-hand combat offers personal protection in even the most life threatening situations.

Pat Malone has taught Defensive and Survival Tactics to government, law enforcement, and military personnel including the U.S. Navy SEALS, the FBI, Green Beret, Marine Reconnaissance, and many major police departments. He offers full-service training programs that address ever-increasing security demands.

Foreign dignitaries, political figures, business executives and major celebrities depend on Pat Malone for their personal security. He has extensive experience and specializes in high-profile protective details.

Pat Malone's decades of hands-on experience both domestically and internationally led him to craft a realistic approach to keeping you safe, which he explains and illustrates through his lecture, "How to Avoid Being the Victim of Violent Crime." He has spoken to notables at prestigious organizations including, US Bank, Exxon Mobil, Texas County & District Attorney Association, Notre Dame University, and more.

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